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NSI Prime Minister Office Job Exam Question with Answer for-2017(PDF)

 Prime Minister Office NSI  Job Exam Question with Answer for-2017 (PDF)   NSI Assistant Director  Recruitment Test Question Solve and Suggestion for 2017 Exam. National Security Intelligence (NSI) Recruitment-2017 Exam will be held on 03 February 2017. Exam Date and Time: Assistant Director, Telephone Engineer, Field Officer Exam Syllabus: Total 100 MCQ, Marks : 100, Time: […]

Control System Electrical Objective Questions and Answers(PDF)

Control System Electrical MCQs  Objective Questions and Answers(PDF)     1.The temperature, under thermal and electrical system analogy, is considered analogous to (a) voltage (b) current (c) capacitance (d) charge (e) none of the above Ans: a 2.In electrical-pneumatic system analogy the current is considered analogous to (a) velocity (b) pressure (c) air flow (d) […]

Assistant Programmer Recruitment Job Question with Answer(PDF)

Assistant Programmer Recruitment Job Question with Answer(PDF)   What is traceability matrix? Answer: The relationship between test cases and requirements is shown with the help of a document. This document is known as traceability matrix. What is Equivalence partitioning testing? Answer:  Equivalence partitioning testing is a software testing technique which divides the application input test […]

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