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1. Who introduced Bangla year?
a) Smart Akbar (Answer)
b) Babur
c) Humayun
d) Rashid

2. In which district Bangladesh has border with India and Myanmar both?
a) Rangamati (Answer)
b) Cox Bazar
c) Khagrachari
d) Bandarban

3. Which one is faster memory?
a) Cache (Answer)
b) RAM
c) Hard disk
d) Floppy

4. Which one of following is not a valid file format?
a) Linux
b) Java (Answer)
c) Ubuntu
d) Android

5. What is LAN?
a) Local Area Network (Answer)
b) MAN
c) WAN
d) Internet

6. Which one is Database management software?
a) Microsoft Access (Answer)
b) Microsoft Excel
c) Microsoft Word
d) Microsoft PowerPoint

7. If x:y =3:4 and y:z =8:10 then x:y:z=
a) 6:8:10
b) 6:8:12
c) 6:8:16 (Answer)
d) 6:8:20

8. Then synonym of ‘Resentment’s-
a) anger (Answer)
b) fear
c) fair
d) rearrange

9. In the word ‘Bull market’ what is meant by ‘bull’?
a) rising (Answer)
b) rise
c) down
d) up

10. As the sun——’I was doing the work.
a) was shining (Answer)
b) shine
c) shined
d) shining

11. Which one is correct?
a) Why have not you done this? Ans.
b) Why not have you done this?
c) Why did not you done this?
d) Why have you done this?

12. We will reach there—-five minutes.
a) within (Answer)
b) by
c) at
d) for

13. Run….by
a) out
b) away (Answer)
c) of
d) for

14. x+y=8,x-y=6 x2+y2
a) 40
b) 50 (Answer)
c) 60
d) 80

15. What is the verb of the word ‘Shortly’
b) Shorter
c) Shorten (Answer)
d) Shortness

16. Who, What, Which are
a) Demonstrative pronoun
b) Relative pronoun (Answer)
c) Reflexive
d) Indefinite pronoun

17. He has been ill——-Friday last. Full in the blanks.
a) since (Answer)
b) in
c) from
d) on

18. ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ was stated by-
a) Disraeli
b) Emerson
c) Gladstone (Answer)
d) Shakespeare

19.Despite the heat and rain, the patrol advanced ———towards the hill where the enemies were believed to be ———?
a) Hurriedly-abhorrent
b) sluggishly-wandering
c) doggedly-waiting
d) Indolently-present
e) None of these
Answer: Doggedly-waiting.

20.What did the injured man say when he——?
a) came to
b) reached us
c) came into
d) went under
e) None of these
Answer: Reached us.

21.His one vice was increasingly —–and it is not surprising that as the aged he became increasingly——.
a) Generosity emaciated
b) Greed-disillusioned
c) Gluttony-corpulent
d) Impersonation-carping
e) None of these
Answer: Greed-disillusioned

22.Punishment transgressions of the law ceases to have a ——effect if the punishment is frequently———
a) Positive-applied
b) Deterrent-waived
c) Profound-commuted
d) Prevalent-lenient
e) None of these
Answer: Deterrent-waived

23. Questions Error Detection:
Instruction: Underline parts of the following sentences may contain error(s) in grammar, diction, usage or idiom.
Choose the underline part that is correct. If the sentence is correct as it stands, mark (E). No sentence contains more than one error.
a) Can you
b) Identify the
c) Underlying causes
d) Of the recession?
e) No error
Answer: No error.

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