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Manufacturing Processes Mechanical Engineering(MCQ)Question & Answer

Manufacturing Processes MCQ(Multiple Choice Question) With Answer for Mechanical Engineering and Welding with PDF     1.The following welding process is used to weld fastener to plates without drilling or punching holes? a. Electroslag welding b. Oxy-acetylene welding c. Butt welding d. Stud welding (Ans:d) 2.For underwater welding which of the following process is not […]

Mechanical -Theory of Machines Multiple Choice Question(MCQ) with Answers

Theory of machines - Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

Mechanical Engineering-(Theory of Machines) Multiple Choice Question(MCQ)  with Answer  Model Question -1   1-In order to have a complete balance of the several revolving masses in different planes (A) The resultant couple must be zero (B) The resultant force must be zero (C) Both the resultant force and resultant couple must be zero (D) None […]

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