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ASPCL Assistant and Sub Assistant Engineer Exam Questions Answer

ASPCL Assistant and Sub Assistant Engineer Exam Questions Answer Ashuganj Power Station Company Limited (ASPCL) Electrical Assistant and Sub Assistant Engineer Exam Question and Answer  Part -î 1. A carbon resistor contains (a) carbon crystals (b) solid carbon granules (c) pulverized coal (d) finely divided carbon black. Ans: d 2. Which of the following materials […]

100+Computer Related Short Forms & Full Forms Abbreviations(PDF)

 100+Computer Related Short Forms & Full Forms Abbreviations(PDF)   1. Wi-Fi — Wireless Fidelity. 2. HTTP — Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. 3. HTTPS — HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. 4. URL — Uniform Resource Locator. 5. IP — Internet Protocol 6. VIRUS — Vital Information Resource Under Seized. 7. SIM — Subscriber Identity Module. 8. 3G […]

Differences Between Run on Torque and Breakaway Torque

Differences Between Run on Torque and Breakaway Torque     Breakaway torque is defined as the torque required to start a part’s rotation from a stationary position. It is usually a higher value compared to the maximum tightening torque value as per specification . This is because this torque is required to not only overcome […]

Banking Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) with Answers

Banking Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) with Answers for Assistant Executive IT/Programmer,Assistant Electrical,Civil,Mechanical Engineers       1. The president has a ______ of ______ around him when he makes public appearances. A. Catalyst, Individuals B. Barrier, Contrast C. Hedge, Protection D. Derrick, Protection E. Derrick, Limits Ans: C: A hedge is a barrier, and protection is […]

Thermal Power Plant Objective Questions and Answers(PDF)

Thermal Power Plant Objective Questions and Answers(PDF) for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers     1.The critical pressure ratio of a convergent nozzle is defined as (a) the ratio of outlet pressure to inlet pressure of nozzle (b) the ratio of inlet pressure to outlet pressure of nozzle (c) the ratio of outlet pressure to inlet […]

WZPDCL Job Full Exam Question Papers for Assistant Engineer

WZPDCL,WBPDCL Job Question for Assistant Engineer (EEE)

West Zone Power Distribution Company Ltd (WZPDCL) Job Full Exam Question Papers for Assistant Engineer (Electrical) -2014  Time : 90 Minute              Marks:100 MCQ- 90 Question, [ Departmental (30*1=30) Marks and Non Department (60*0.5=30) Marks] Written 30 Marks Today We will show the Written Part of that Question : 1. […]

BCS,Bank,Admission General Knowledge MCQ Question with Answer

Important General Knowledge for BCS,Bank,Engineering Job Exam

BCS,Bank Job Exam, University Admission,Engineering Job Exam General Knowledge MCQ Question with Answer(PDF)    ১. বাংলাদেশে জনসংখ্যা বৃদ্ধির হার কত (২০০৯-২০১০ সাল)? ক) ২.০৩ খ) ১.৩২ গ) ১.৮৯ ঘ. ২.০১ ২. বাংলাদেশে কৃষিতে শ্রমশক্তির শতকরা হার কত? ক) ৪৮.৪% খ. ৫৯.৩% গ) ৪৭.৭% ঘ. ৭০.২% ৩. বাংলাদেশে চলতি মূল্যে মাথাপিছু জাতীয় আয় (মার্কিন ডলারে) কত? […]

PGCB Electrical Assistant Engineer(MCQ) Question with Answer(PDF)

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh(PGCB) Electrical Assistant Engineer Requirement Multiple Choice Question  (MCQ) with Answers(PDF)   1. A voltage divider is ? (A) parallel circuits (B) Series circuit (C) connected to the circuit (D) circuit rejanensa Answer: Parallel Circuit 2. Which value shows below a watt meter ? (A) obtaining a parents (B) Active Power (C) […]

Civil SAE Job Exam Suggestion Model -1(উপ-সহকারী প্রকৌশলী)

Civil Sub Assistant Engineer(SAE)  Job Exam Suggestion Model  with Answer(PDF)     ১।  আন্ডারপিনিং কি ও কখন করা হয়? উত্তরঃ বিদ্যমান ভিতের নিচে যে ভিত দেওরা হয় বা বিদ্যমান ভিতের শক্তি বৃদ্ধির জন্য যে ভিত দেওরা হয় তাকে আন্ডার পেইনিং বলে। ২। লেইটেঞ্চ কি? উত্তরঃ কংক্রিটের আনুপাতিক উপাদান সমুহের মিশ্রণে পানির পরিমাণ বেশি হলে নরম […]

Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) Exam Question Pattern

WASA Assistant Engineer's Civil Exam Question Pattern

Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB),WASA Full  Exam Questions Pattern for Civil  Assistant Engineering  (Taken By BUET) Mark Distribution : 30 marks on General knowledge(60 objectives x 0.5= 30 marks)  70 marks on Civil Engineering ( Time 1.5 Hours)   1. What is acid rain? What are the impacts of acid rain? 2. Name five modern surveying equipment. […]

Sonali Bank Assistant IT Executive Engineer MCQ Question with Answers

Assistant IT Executive officers Job Question with Answer

Assistant IT Executive Engineer or Sonali  Bank Officer  Job Question with Answer For Any Job Question Only Departmental Question Given here with the Appropriate Answers for IT Executive Engineers    1.Which OSI layer’s is concerned with the transmission of unstructured bit stream over physical link? Answer: Physical 2.What is the default subnet mask for a […]

PGCB,PDB MCQ Question with Answer Electrical and Electronics Engineer

PGCB,PDB Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) with Answer for Assistant Electrical and Electronics Engineer     1. Which is the lightest particle of an atom? (a) Neutron (b) Electron (c) Proton (d) All Answer: Electron 2. Ampere second could be the unit of – (a) Power (b) Conductance. (c) Energy (d) Charge Answer: Charge 3.The ratio […]

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board(BREB) MCQ Exam Question PDF

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board MCQ Exam Question and Answer

  Bangladesh Rural Electrician Board MCQ Exam Question Part-1(Bangla) Only For Sub Assistant Engineer                     Time: 1 Hour                                                                              Full Marks: 75   ১। ‘অসমাপ্ত আত্তজীবনী’ গ্রন্থটির লেখক কে? Answer : জাতীর জনক শেখ মুজিবর রহমান ২।  জাতীর জনক শেখ মুজিবর রহমান কখন জুলিও কুরি পুরষ্কার লাভ করেন? Answer : ১৯৭২ সালে। ৩। মডেম এর মধ্যে […]

PGCB Electrical Assistant Engineer Job Question Paper(PDF)

New and Update Question Pattern Of PGCB taken by BUET

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) Job Full Written  Question Pattern/Papers for Assistant Engineer Electrical  -2014  Written Question Taken By BUET   Note: About : Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. (PGCB) was formed under the restructuring process of Power Sector in Bangladesh with the objective of bringing about commercial environment including increase in efficiency, […]

Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Job Question Papers for PGCB,BPDB,DPDC

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Exam -2004

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Exam -2014 Assistant Electrical Engineer Full Marks- 100    Written Question Answer any six Questions (Question no.8 is compulsory) 1.(a)Make a comparison between synchronous and induction motors. (b)Enumerate and explain at least two applications of a synchronous motor 2.(a)what are the disadvantages of low power factor and what are the […]

DPDC,PGCB,PDB,BADC,BAPEX job exam suggestion(PDF)

DPDC,PGCB,PDB,BADC,BAPEX job exam suggestion

   Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Limited (PGCB), Dhaka Power Distribution Company(DPDC),Bangladesh Power Development Board – (BPDB),Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited(BAPEX)job exam suggestion   This is only for (EEE) Engineer Job Question Next Page Download PDF   If you want to get each and every post, Just press your Keyboard (CTRL+D) to Bookmark […]

PGCB Assistant Engineer (Civil) written question pattern/papers(PDF)

Civil Engineering Job Question Pattern

  Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) written question Pattern/Papers for  Assistant Civil Engineer  1.What is cement? Under which condition and requirements cement is superior tolime. (7) 2. a. Write four physical and four mechanical properties of engineering materials. (4) b. What is slum? Draw a slum cone with dimensions.  (3) 3. As shown in figure […]

RPCL Mechanical Assistant Manager Question with Answer(PDF)

উপ-সহকারি প্রকৌশলী,সহকারী প্রকৌশলীদের সহায়ক

Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL) Mechanical Assistant Manager (Technical) Job Exam-2013 Question With Answer(PDF) Written Questions:  1. What is Octane and cetane number? 2. What is Boiler? Differentiate fire tube and water tube boiler. 3. What is Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluid? 4. Write down the viscosity in MLT and derive the unit in MKS, CGS, […]

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