Use of Terms this Website

Use of Terms this Website:

Focus Carnival is a free learning site for all age group of students. It operates with a motto of sharing all type of education-related information, various subject topics, Questions and Answers, various competitive exams previous years question papers etc., This is useful for all students.
content on this education portal is collected from different sources through the Internet and off-line sources like books, hand notes.We tried our best to provide our visitors accurate and complete reliable information. We constantly review our content to avoid errors to improve our user’s experience. But if there is any mistake in content author will not be responsible for it. All information is useful and relevant to academic careers.
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As all the data is collected from lots of books, hand notes and our personal source. Focus Carnival assumes no liability for disputes regarding ownership, copyright, or trademarks of the data submitted to this site. If you find any information that is owned by you (invented by you) or any content that violates your intellectual property rights, please contact Focus Carnivalwith all necessary documents/information that authenticates your authority on your property.