WZPDCL,PGCB,EGCB,Mechanical Assistant Engineer interview Question

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West Zone Power Distribution Company Ltd (WZPDCL),Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB),Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh Limited(EGCB) Mechanical Assistant Engineer interview Question 

  1. Asked for  a famous person whose name is Also Harun and also his wife name

  2. Where is my home district?

  3. Did you visit any power plant?

  4. What is CCPT (combined cycle power plant) . What’s type of cycle use in CCPT?

  5. What is the other name of joule cycle?

  6. Draw the p-v diagram of a joule cycle?  

  7. What is cavitation? What happen when it occurs?

  8. Why use lubricant and lube oil?

  9. When you should change lube oil?

  10. Name the Types of bearing?

  11. What is GMT? How many times differs it from us?

  12.  What is your extra-curriculum activity?

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