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PGCB Electrical Assistant Engineer(MCQ) Question with Answer(PDF)

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh(PGCB) Electrical Assistant Engineer Requirement Multiple Choice Question  (MCQ) with Answers(PDF)   1. A voltage divider is ? (A) parallel circuits (B) Series circuit (C) connected to the circuit (D) circuit rejanensa Answer: Parallel Circuit 2. Which value shows below a watt meter ? (A) obtaining a parents (B) Active Power (C) […]

Power Grid of Bangladesh (PGCB) MCQ Job Question with Answers(PDF)

Power Grid of Bangladesh Job Suggestion with Answer

  Some Important MCQ We Find it Different Sub Assistant Job Exam Question   We hope It will be Very Benefit-able for All Of You Who are Job Applicant in PGCB,DPDC   1.জ্বালানি পরিবহণ খরচ কম কোন পাওয়ার ষ্টেশনের ? ক)স্টিম খ)হাইড্রইলেকট্রিক  ( Answer ) গ)পারমানবিক ঘ)উইন্ড ২। ডিজেল পাওয়ার প্ল্যান্ট ব্যবহার করা হয় –? […]

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