RPCL Mechanical Assistant Manager Question with Answer(PDF)

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Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL) Mechanical Assistant Manager (Technical) Job Exam-2013 Question With Answer(PDF)

Written Questions: 

1. What is Octane and cetane number?

2. What is Boiler? Differentiate fire tube and water tube boiler.

3. What is Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluid?

4. Write down the viscosity in MLT and derive the unit in MKS, CGS, and SI System

5. Why Flywheel is an essential part of the engine?

6. Write down the four laws of Thermodynamics

7. What is COP and Ton of refrigeration?

8. What is stress and strain? Draw the stress-strain curve for Non-Newtonian alloys

9. What is volumetric efficiency?

10. Meaning of SOHC, VVTI, VTEC, ABS

11. Differentiate between Closed, Open and Isolated System

12. What is knocking in I.C. Engine? What is the effect of Knocking?

13.What is Mach number?

Answer: The ratio of Velocity of Fluid , in an undisturbed steam to the velocity of sound wave is called Mach Number.

14. What is the Significance of Mach Number?

Answer: M<1 flow=”” font=”” sub-sonic=””>
M=1, Sonic flow

M= (1-6), Super Sonic flow

M>1, Hyper Sonic flow

15. What is Ton of refrigeration?

Answer: The amount of refrigeration effect produced by uniform melting of one ton (1000Kg) of ice from and by at 0°C in 24 hours. 1 TR= 3.5 KW

16. What are Jigs and Fixtures?

Answer: Jigs: Jigs are used for holding and guiding the tool in drilling, reaming, or tapping Operations.

Fixtures: Fixtures are used for holding and guiding the work in milling, grinding, planning or turning Operations.

17. What is Newtonian Fluid?

Answer: A Fluid whose Viscosity does not change with the rate of deformation or shear stress is known as Newtonian Fluid.

18. Write down the Major lathe operations.

Answer: Operations which can be carried out on a lathe are as follows-

Knurling, Threading, Boring, Chamfering, Taper Turning, Plain Turning, Step Turning

19. What is the abbreviation of welding rod 7018?

Answer: 70= Tensile Strength 70000 psi

1= welding position

8= Current flux

20. What is NDT?

Answer: Non Destructive Test

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