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PGCB,PDB Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) with Answer for Assistant Electrical and Electronics Engineer



1. Which is the lightest particle of an atom?
(a) Neutron
(b) Electron
(c) Proton
(d) All
Answer: Electron

2. Ampere second could be the unit of –
(a) Power
(b) Conductance.
(c) Energy
(d) Charge
Answer: Charge

3.The ratio of resistance of a 100W, 220V lamp to that of 100W lamp will be nearly-
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 1/4
(d) 1/2
Answer: 4

4.If the length and cross section of piece of conductor are both doubted what be its resistance(initial resistance R)?
(a) 4R
(b) 2R
(c) R
(d) 0.25R
Answer: 4R

5. The number of electron in the outermost orbit of carbon atom is ?
(a) 8
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) 6
Answer: 4

6. Which one of the following semi-conductor ?
(a) Copper
(b) Silicon
(c) Neon
(d) Lithium
Answer: Silicon

7.Which is the highest system voltage in Bangladesh ?
(a) 33KV ACr
(b) 132KV AC
(c) 230 KV AC
(d) 230 KV HV DC link
Answer: 230KV AC

8. For an R-L load-
(a) Active Power is better than apparent power
(b) Reactive Power is better than apparent power
(c) Apparent power is better than both active and reactive power
(d) All the equal
Answer: Apparent power is better than both active and reactive power

9.One Horse power is equal to –
(a) 5.50 foot pound/ second
(b) 55.00 foot pound/ second
(c) 550 foot pound/second
(d) 5550 foot pound/second
Answer: 550 foot pound/second

10. Satellite power requirement is provided through –
(a) Lead-acid batteries
(b) Dry cell
(c) Solar cells
(d) Nickel cadmium cell
Answer: Solar Cells

11.A radio station broadcast at 30m wavelength.The frequency of broadcast wiil be-
(a) 30Hz
(b) 300Hz
(c) 10MHz
(d) 10KHz
Answer: 10MHz

12.A short circuit test on transformer oil is-
(a) Copper loss at full load
(b) Copper loss at half load
(c) Iron loss at any load
(d) Sum of iron losses and copper losses
Answer: Copper loss at full load.

13.The type of oil which is suitable as transformer oil is-
(a) Animal oil
(b) Cooking oil
(c) Mineral oil
(d) Vegetable oil
Answer: Mineral Oil

14. Bucholz relay used on-
(a) Air cooled transformer.
(b) Oil cooled transformers.
(c) Welding transformers.
(d) Furnace transformer.
Answer: Oil cooled transformers.

15. Burden of current transformer is usually expressed in-
(a) Volts
(b) Amperes
(c) Volt amperes
(d) Kilowatt
Answer: Amperes

16. Which distribution system is more reliable?
(a) Ring main system
(b) Tree system
(c) Radial system
(d) All are equally reliable.
Answer: Ring main system.

17.Common declared distribution voltage in Bangladesh for low voltage circuit is –
(a) 230 Volt
(b) 440 Volt
(c) 250 Volt
(d)350 Volt
Answer: 230 Volt

18 The phenomena of creeping occurs in-
(a) Ammeter
(b) Voltmeter
(c) Wattmeter
(d) Watt-hour meter
Answer: Watt-hour meter

19.The unit of resistivity is
(a) Ohms
(b) Ohm-m
(c) Ohm/sqm
(d) None
Answer: Ohm-m

20. Three equal resistors of hundred ohm is connected in series across a source of E.m.f 30V.What would be the power consumed by is resistor?
(a) 10 W
(b) 30 W
(c) 90 W
(d) 60 W
Answer:10 W

21.What would be the charge of a uF when connected with 20V supply?
(a) 2000 uC
(b) 200 uC
(c) 300 uC
(d) 30 uC
Answer: 200 uC

22.Which power factor is more economical for the consumers-
(a) 0.85 Lagging
(b) 0.95 Lagging
(c) 0.10 Leading
(d) 0.85 Leading
Answer: 0.95 Lagging.

23. One Cubic water is equal to-
(a) 74.6 U.S Gallon
(b) 628 pound water
(c) 28.375 Line
(d) 28.3 Cubic meter
Answer: 28.3 Cubic meter

24. Active power is equal to-
(a) F Z
(b)VI Sin
(c)VI Cos
(d) None
Answer: VI Cos

25.Which is the used power factor improvement-
(a) Spring motor
(b) Commutator motor
(c) Synchronous motor
(d) Squirrel Case Motor
Answer: Synchronous motor.

26.If the power factor of a circuit is unity, its reactive power is-
(a) A maximum
(b) Equal to FR
(c) Zero
(d) A negative quantity
Answer: Zero

27.How can eddy current loss be minimized ?
(a)By using copper core
(b) By using solid core
(c) By laminating the core
(d) None of above
Answer: By laminating the core.

28.Dose the transformer draw any current when its secondary is open ?
(a) No
(b) Yes
(c) Take rated current
(d) None
Answer: Yes

29.A transformer has negative voltage regulation when its load power factor is-
(a) Zero
(b) Unity
(c) Leading
(d) Lagging
Answer: Leading

30. Permanent magnet is normally made of-
(a) Aluminum
(b) Wrought iron
(c) Cast iron
(d) Alnico alloys
Answer: Cast Iron

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