PGCB Electrical Assistant Engineer(MCQ) Question with Answer(PDF)

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Power Grid Company of Bangladesh(PGCB) Electrical Assistant Engineer Requirement Multiple Choice Question  (MCQ) with Answers(PDF)


1. A voltage divider is ?
(A) parallel circuits
(B) Series circuit
(C) connected to the circuit
(D) circuit rejanensa

Answer: Parallel Circuit

2. Which value shows below a watt meter ?
(A) obtaining a parents
(B) Active Power
(C) obtaining pratibha
(D) the value KV

Answer: Active Power

3. Which is more suitable for high frequency power supply?
(A) Invert
(B) converter
(C) Rectifier
(D) Chopper

Answer: Invert

4. What is the DC resistance of a line resistance of AC?
(A) equal
(B) half
(C) one-quarter
(D) more

Answer: more

5. When you connect to a source of a series of two-sided blocking –
(A) the maximum blocking voltage will drop to the lowest
(B) the maximum blocking voltage will drop to the lowest
(C) the highest peak voltage will drop resistance
(D) None of the above

Answer: Highest peak voltage will drop resistance

6. Which is the Virtues of Conductor ?
(A) less than its resistance
(B) It may be less than the voltage drop
(C) It is always made of copper
(D) No more am

Answer: less than its resistance

7. Which temperature can get the highest density of water ?
(A) 0 θ C
(B) 4 θ C
(C) 100 θ C
(D) 100 K

Answer: 4 θ C

8. In a Sheet metal blanking, shear is provided on punches and dies so that ?
A) press load is reduced
B) good cut edge is obtained
(C) warping of sheet is minimized
(D) cut blanks are straight

Answer: Press load is reduced

9. The purpose of a gate is to
(a) delivery molten metal into the mold cavity
(b) act as reservoir for the molten metal
(c) feed the molten metal to the casting in order compensate for the shrinkage
(d) deliver molten metal from pouring basin to get

Answer : act as reservoir for the molten metal

10. When a pattern is made in three parts, the top part is known as-
(a) Drag
(b) Check
(c) Cope
(d) None of these

Answer : Cope

11. The transfer of heat by molecular collision is known as-
(a) conduction
(b) convection
(c) radiation
(d) none of these.

Answer : conduction.

12.The power developed by the engine cylinder of I.C engine is known as-
(a) Theoretical power
(b) Actual power
(c) Indicated power
(d) None of these.

Answer : None of these.

13. A mixture containing 65% iso-octane and 35% of normal heptane will have-
(a) Ceptane number 65
(b) Octane number 65
(c) Ceptane number 35
(d) Octane number 35.

Answer : Octane number 35.

14. The air fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by-
(a) Carburettor
(b) Injector
(c) Governor
(d) None.

Answer : Carburettor.

15.The thermodynamic cycle on which the petrol engine works is-
(a) Otto cycle
(b) Joule cycle
(c) Rankine cycle
(d) Stirling cycle.

Answer : Otto cycle.

16. A device used to heat feed water by utilizing the heat in the exhaust flue gases before leaving through the chimney, is known as-
(a) Economiser
(b) Fusible plug
(c) Super heater
(d) Stop valve

Answer : Fusible plug.

17.For a perfect gas, according to boyle’s law-
(a) PV=constant, if Tis kept constant
(b) V/T-constant, if P is kept constant
(c) P/V=constant, if V is kept constant
(d) T/P-constant, if V is kept constant

Answer : PV=constant, if Tis kept constant.

18.How can eddy current loss he minimized?
(a) By using copper core
(b) By using solid core
(c) By laminating the core
(d) None of above.

Answer : By laminating the core.

19.Does the transformer draw any current when its secondary is open?
(a) No
(b) Yes
(c) Take rated current
(d) None.

Answer : Yes.

20.Which phenomena is Ferranti effect?
(a) When receiving end voltage is greater than sending end voltage
(b) The variation of frequency.
(c) When sending end voltage is equal to receiving end voltage.
(d) None of the above.

Answer : When receiving end voltage is greater than sending end voltage.

21.Thr factor of an R-C circuit is-
(a) Zero
(b) Between Zero and Lo
(c) Lo
(d) Between Zero and(-) Lo

Answer : Zero.

22. If the power factor of a circuit is unity, is reactive power is-
(a) A maximum
(b) Equal to FR
(c) Zero
(d) A negative quantity.

Answer : Zero.

23.The direction of induce e.m.f can be found by-
(a) Lenz’s law
(b) Fleming’s Right hand rule
(c) Kirchoffs law
(d) Ohm’s law.

Answer : Lenz’s law.

24.The main purpose of performing open circuit test in a transformer is to measure its-
(a) Copper loss
(b) Core loss
(c) Total loss
(d) Insulation resistance.

Answer : Core loss.

25.Which one is used for constant street light load-
(a) Current x-former
(b) Potential transformer
(c) Power x-former
(d) Constant current x-former.

Answer : Constant current x-former.

26.The size of a lathe is specified by-
(a) Length between centers
(b) Swing over the bed
(c) Swing over the carriage
(d) all of these

Answer : all of these

27. Power factor is the growth area for customers?
(A) 0.95 lyagim
(B) Leading 0,95
(C) 0,65 lyagim
(D) 0,65 Leading

Answer: 0,95 Leading

28. Where is the load despass center in bangladesh?
(A) kaptai
(B) siddhiragajna
(C) asugajna
(D) in Khulna

Answer: siddhiragajna

29. The type of tool used on lathe, shaper and planned is-
(a)Single paint cutting tool
(B) two paint cutting tool
(c) Three paint cutting tool
(d) multipoint cutting tool

Answer : multipoint cutting tool

30. Discontinous chiops are formed during machining of-
(a) Brittle metal
(b) ductile metal
(c) Hard metal
(d) soft metal

Answer : ductile metal

31. A natural flame is obtained by supplying-
(a) Equal volume of oxygen and acetying
(b) More volume of oxygen and less volume of acetylene
(c) More volume of acetylene and less volume of oxygen
(d) None of the above

Answer : More volume of acetylene and less volume of oxygen


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