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Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) written question Pattern/Papers for  Assistant Civil Engineer 

1.What is cement? Under which condition and requirements cement is superior tolime. (7)

2. a. Write four physical and four mechanical properties of engineering materials. (4)
b. What is slum? Draw a slum cone with dimensions.  (3)

3. As shown in figure below, in the truss, F= 60 Tons and θ = 250 . Find the external (7)
Reactions (Components at C) and the force member AB and AD.

Civil Engineering Job Question Pattern 2

4. a. Define Evaporation, Evapotranspiration and Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) (4)
b. Define BOD. Why COD value is higher than BOD? (3)

5. Differentiate between: (7)
a. Zenith And Nadir
b. Segregation and Bleeding
c. Pipe flow and Open channel flow
d. Duty and Delta of the Crop

6. Write Short Note: (7)
a. Parallux Error
b. Traverse Surveying
c. Curb
d. Flocculation

7. Explain the following: (7)
a. Buckling of Column
b. Admixure
c. Development length of reinforcement bar
d. TMT 500 steel bar

8. a. Draw qualitative diagram of given size distribution curve and also show the (4.5)
Followingg curve.
1) Gap Graded
2) Well Graded
3) Poorly Graded

b. According to the unified soil classification system specify the meaning of the (2.5)
following types of soil:
1) CL
2) MH
3) SP
4) OL
5) PT
9. Calculate consolidation settleme of the clay layer under footing foundation. (7)
Symbols have their usual meaning.

Civil Engineering Job Question Pattern 3

10. Draw the shear force and bending moment diagram of the following beam (7)

Civil Engineering Job Question Pattern 4


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