Management Information System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers(PDF)

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Management Information System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Objective type Questions on Management Information System and Answers(PDF)



1. An … a set of processes and procedures that transform data into information and knowledge.
A) information system
B) Knowledge system
C) Database system
D) Computer system

Answer: A

2. A system is called …… when the inputs, process and the outputs are known with certainty.
A) Probablistics
B) Deterministic
C) Open
D) Close

Answer: B

3. Which of the following steps is/are the implementation plans involved in MIS?
i) Preparing organizational plans ii) Planning of work flow iii) Training of personnel
iv) Development of software v) Acquiring computer hardware
A) i, ii and iii only

B) i, ii, iii and iv only

C) i, ii, iv and v only

D) All i, ii, iii, iv and v

Answer: D

4. Which of the following is included in the Office automation systems?
i) Word processing ii) Electronic mail iii) Voice mail iv) Electronic calendaring
v) Audio conferencing

A) i, ii, iii and v only

B) i, ii, iii and iv only

C) i, ii, iv and v only

D) All i, ii, iii, iv and v

Answer: D

5. In a typical ……………. network, application processing is shared between clients and one more servers.

A) client server computing
B) cloud computing
C) mobile computing
D) data computing
Answer: A

6. The …. is defined as a set of activities performed across the organization creating as output of value to the customer.

A) development process
B) business process
C) quality process
D) customer focus

Answer: B

7. Which of the following is NOT an objective of MIS?

A) Facilitate the decisions-making process
B) Provide requisite information at each level of management
C) Support decision-making
D) recruit people for system

Answer: D

8. In MIS system design, the sources of information may be categorized as … and ..
A) internal, external
B) personal, organizational
C) useful, unuseful
D) constructive, destructive

Answer: A

9. What among the following are the primary characteristics that information must process?

i) Relevance
ii) Availability
iii) Timeliness
iv) Accuracy

Answer: A

10. Which of the following models are developed on the principles of business management, accounting and econometric’s?

A) Behavioral model
B) Management science models
C) Operations research models
D) Policy making models

Answer: B

11-The information of MIS comes from the
a. Internal source
b. External source
c. Both internal and external source
d. None of the above
(Ans: c)

12-The back bone of any organization is
a. information
b. employee
c. management
d. capital
(Ans: a)

13-AI is the short form of
a. Artificial information
b. Artificial intelligence
c. Artificial integration
d. None of the above
(Ans: b)

14-The advantage(s) of transistors are they
a. Are portable
b. Are more reliable
c. Consume less power
d. All of the above
(Ans: d)

15-The flow of information through MIS is
a. need dependent
b. organization dependent
c. information dependent
d. management dependent
(Ans: a)

16-The basic component(s) of DSS is (are)
a. Database
b. Model base
c. DSS software system
d. All of the above
(Ans: d)

17-GDSS is the short form of
a. Group Decision Support System
b. Group Discussion Support System
c. Group Decision Service System
d. Group Discussion Support Source
(Ans: a)

18-Decision trees could be represented in different ways such as
a. Bottom to top
b. Left to right
c. Top to bottom
d. All of the above
(Ans: d)

19-The types of data transmission modes are
a. Half duplex. , Duplex. , Singlex
b. Half duplex. , Duplex. , Simplex
c. Half duplex. , Duplex. , Half Singlex
d. Singlex, duplex, half triplex
(Ans: b)

20-The elements of control will consist of
a. Authority, Direction, Management
b. Authority, Direction, Information
c. Authority, Application, Management
d. Authority, Application, Information
(Ans: a)

21-Internal information for MIS may come from any one of the following department.
a. Customers care department
b. HR department
c. Marketing department
d. Production department
(Ans: a)

22-Audit gives details about ________ to Account Payable System
a. Account balance
b. Transaction
c. Expenditure
d. All of the above
(Ans: a)

23-One byte is made of
a. Four bits
b. Eight bits
c. Twelve bits
d. Sixteen bits
(Ans: b)

24-MIS normally found in a manufacturing organization will not be suitable in the ______.
a. Service sector
b. Banking sector
c. Agriculture sector
d. All of the above
(Ans: a)

25.___details are given by Management to Marketing Service System.
a. Customer
b. Employee
c. Supplier
d. None of the above
(Ans: c)

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