Bangladesh Krishi Bank Senior Officer Exam Question-2017 (PDF)

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Bangladesh Krishi Bank Senior Officer Exam Question-2017 (MCQ+Written)


Exam Held : January 20,2017


Some General Knowledge About Bangladesh Krishi Bank: 

Estd: 1973 (Order No 27 of 1973)
Commercial Functioning: 1977
Authorized Capital: 15 million
Government contribution: 9 million
Branches: 1031
Online Activities: Near 200 Branches
Manpower: 9430 (approved 13680)
Upcoming Mobile Banking: Bangla Cash
Utterly, its 100% government-owned specialized Bank

1.The Term Dot Per Inch (DPI) Refers To = RESOLUTION
2.Which Must do to return compressed files to the original =
3. IN AN Email address aaa@bbb.ccc’ the portion ‘bbb’
indicates = domain name ( There was no correct ans)
4. VIRUS = Vital Information Resource Under Seize
5. F1 = Help
6. Both input and output = Touch screen
7. ROM used in Pen drive = EEE PROM
8. Application Package = LOTUS
9. Device converts Digital data to Analog data = Modem
10. Which can be considered as basic building blocks of a
Digital Circuit = Logic Gate


Bangladesh Krishi Bank Senior Officer MCQ Questions: 






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