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Kerala PSC Block Development Officer Previous Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


Kerala PSC conducts recruitment for the post of Block Development Officer. The exam syllabus is same as that of secretariat assistant exam.This paper contains previous year solved question paper of Block Development Officer Exam.

1.The Kerala Monsoon Fishery(Pelagic)Protection bill enabled:
Ans:the engagement of Pelagic fishing in monsoon to traditional fishermen.

2.The 9th I.C.U. of Medical college, Trivandrum was inaugurated by:

3.Life Term Achievement award of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academey of 2007 went to:
Ans:Santha Devi

4.The first match in the 2007 Cricket World Cup was between :
Ans:West Indies and Pakistan.

5.Vayalar Award of 2006 presented to :

6.Author of “Coolie”:
Ans:Mulkraj Anand

7.Find the odd who was not honoured by the Leeds University for the contribution in cinema in 2007:
(a)Amitab Bhachan
(b) Shilpa Setti
(c)shabana Azmi
(d)Yash Chopra

Ans:Shilpa Setti

8.The hottest zone between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricon:

Ans:Torrid Zone

9. The river known as Dakshin Ganga is :

10.The strait connecting the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea:
Ans:Palk Stait

11.The odd among the following:

12.Annapurna Scheme aims at:
Ans:Senior Citizens

13.The late entrant of the G8:

14.China’s East Project projected for the solution of :
Ans:Energy Problem

15.Fastest Planet:

16.H-1B Visas are
Ans:Non-immigrant Visas.

17.”The Joy of Numbers” was written by:
Ans:Sakunthala Devi.

18.The King who abolished “Pulappedi”
Ans:Unni Kerala Varma(Veera Kerala Verma)

19.”Gavisti” a term related to :
Ans:Vedic Culture

20.The birth place of 24th Thirthankara:
Ans:Kundala Grama( Mahaveeran was the 24th Thirthankara)

21.the first Persian ruler who conquered Gandhara:
Ans:Darius I

22.”Brown shirts” was a:
Ans:Volunteer militia of Hitler

23.Mesopotamia, the Greek word means:
Ans:The land between rivers.

24.fundamental feature of Neolithic culture was the use of :

25.Kerala Panchayath Raj Bill was introduced in the year:

26.Kerala’s output by export during2005-2006 was:
Ans:12,000 crore.

27.”Ente Maram” Project was undertaken by:
Ans:Education and Forests departments.

28.Science of Soils called:

29.Unhygienic surroundings——————health problems.
(a)Give rise to
(b)Call for
(c)Call off
(d)Set in
Ans:Give rise to

30.The book is not only interesting but also———–

31. Find the word that wrongly spelt.

32. Place an alphabet before the word love to get the meaning a spice (a)T (b)C (c)S (d)W

33. Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the word immunity:

34.The closest meaning of the word benevolence is:

35. The word which means false reports that damage the reputation of a person:

36. Choose the correctly spelt word:

37. Select the word meaning small branch:

38. Arrears best means:
(a)small pieces
(b)works of art
(c)unpaid debts
(d)the back portion of a building
Ans:unpaid debts

39. Choose the correct preposition for the sentence:
The thief hid all his loot————————–a stone

40. I don’t want you to be disappointed —————– me

41. The Chilka Lake is in
Ans: Orissa

42.The clouds which causes continuous rain :

43.Taran Taran Tragedy was associated with

44.Tiger Airways belonged to

45.The country which won the 2006 Johannesburg test: ?

46.Greg Chappel was a
Ans:Cricket Coach

47.Total medal India acquired in the 12th Commonwealth Games:

48.Total number of M.P’s from Kerala:
Ans:29 (20 Loksabha MP’s and 9 Rajyasabha MP’s)

49.Speaker of the 12th Legislative Assembly in Kerala:

50.———is to administer oath of office to the Indian President in 07/07.
Ans:Justice K.G.Balakrishnan

51.Paper Gold is :
Ans: Special Drawing Right

52.The practice of crossing a Cheque originated in :

53.Trichology is the study of

54.————-is the economic process through which human wants are satisfied.

55.Gandhi Irwin Pact was signed on:

56.First Indian war of Independence began at:

57.”Forward Policy” was initiated by:
Ans:Lord Lytton

58.Jamabandhi Reforms were the reforms of
Ans:Tipu Sultan

59.Revenge movement broke out in :

60.Agricultural growth in India during 2006-07 was

61.World Bank President to quit office recently for misconduct is :
Ans:Paul Volfovits

62.Find the odd that not related to Kani Mozhi:
(c)Rajya Sabha Member
(d) Daughter of chief Minister from one of an Indian State.

63.Miss world 2007 is
Ans:Zhang Zilin

64. He said, ”I must go at once”. Change into indirect speech:
(a) He said that he had to go at once
(b) He said that he would go at once
(c) He said that he must have gone at once
(d) He said that he had had to go at once
Ans: He said that he had to go at once

65. He became philosopher, ————————-?
(a)didn’t he
(b)did he
(c)has he
(d)hasn’t he
Ans:didn’t he

66. I meant —————– your attention to this matter
(a)to be called
(b)to call
(c)to calling
(d)to had called
Ans:to call

67. The car pulled ————– before the front door.

68. Home is —————- sweetest place on the earth.

69. Choose the correct sentence:
(a)The committee are in session
(b) The committee is in session
(a)The committee were in session
(b) The committee to be in session
Ans: The committee is in session

70. The opposite of vice is:
Ans: virtue

71. The idiom storm in the tea cup means:
(a)no fuss over trivial matter
(b)big fuss over trivial matter
(c)clever idea
(d)sudden inspiration
Ans: big fuss over trivial matter

72. The mansion was pulled down to make way for a housing complex. The words italicized mean:

73. Most of the people in India live from hand to mouth. The closest meaning to this idiom is:
(a) a life of plenty providing for the future
(b) with moderate provision for the future
(c) without any provision for the future
(d) with some provision for the future
Ans: without any provision for the future

74. He is quite at sea. At sea means:
(a)by the sea
(b)lost in thought

75. Mark stands well with his boss. Stands well closely means:
(a) Mark is well thought of by his boss
(b) Mark is not well thought of by his boss
(c) Boss is well thought of by mark
(d) Boss is not well thought of by mark
Ans: Mark is well thought of by his boss

76. I save money by ———– smoking.

77. I ————- prefer coffee.

78. There is a cat in the kitchen. ——————— is drinking milk.

79. They sell ————– dresses in that store.

80. ————— bread and butter the only thing you have for me?

81.The award amount of UNESCO’s Puraskar for Palathulli Programme :
Ans:20,000 U.S.Dollar

82. The State Government’s Best Actor Award for film was won by:
(a) Mohanlal
(d) None of these.
Ans: Mohanlal/Mammooty/Thilakan. (Three choices are correct.Mohan Lal got the state award in 2007(Film-Paradesi). Mammooty and
Thilakan also got state Government’s best actor awards)

83.Maha Bachat Scheme is initiated by:
Ans:Punjab National Bank

84.Smart City project was signed on:

85.Neurons are seen in

86.Raja Ravi Varma Award 2007 was presented to:

87.”Dhera Sachcha Sauda” is an organization of :

88.The Keralite participated in the Intenational Labour Organisation held in May-June 2007 :
Ans:Thampan Thomas.

89. Founder of Alappuzha City ?
Ans: Raja Kesava Das

90.Total number of Cabinet Ministers from Kerala in the Ministry of Dr. Manmohan Singh:
Ans: 2

91.Insat 4B was launched by the European Space Agency Rocket called:
Ans:Arian 5

92.Psoriasis disease is evident in :

93.Market Regulations introduced by :

94.The year of Colachal battle:

95.Agama Sidhantha is the Sacred book of :

96.Muziris had trade relation with

97.”Ariyittuvazhcha”was the coronation ceremony of:

98.The name Puducherry for Pondicherry was effected from:

99.Three language formula for education was proposed by :
Ans:Kothari Commission.

100. Change into indirect speech: ‘Oh dear! I’ve lost my purse’,she said:
(a) She said that she lost her purse
(b) She exclaimed that she had lost her purse
(c) She said that she had lost her purse
(d) She expressed that she had lost her purse
Ans: She exclaimed that she had lost her purse


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