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Electrical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers(PDF) for Assistant Engineers


1.The number of electron in the outermost orbit of carbon atom is-



(c)4  (Answer)


2.Which one of the following is semi-conductor?


(b) Silicon  (Answer)



3.Which is the hoghest system voltge in Bangladesh?

(b) 33KV AC

(b) 132KV AC

(c)230KVAC  (Answer)

(d) 230 KV HV DC

4. For an R-L load –

(a)Active power is greater than apparent power.

(b) Reactive power is greater than apparent power.

(c)Apparent  power is greater than both active and reactive power. (Answer)

(d)All the equal.

5. One horse power is equal to-

(a)5.50 Foot pound/second

(b) 55.00 Foot pound/second

(c) 550 Foot pound/second   (Answer)

(d) 5550 Foot pound/second.

6.The rating of a fuse wire is always expressed in-

(a)Ampere  (Answer)

(b) Amper-volts


(d) Amper-hours.

7.Which of the following is liner and bilateral parameter ?



(c)Electron tubes

(d)Semiconductor diod as (Answer)

8.Cells are connected in parallel.

(a)To inrease the internal resistance.

(b) To inrease the voltage output

(c) To inrease the efficiency

(d)To increase the current capacity  (Answer)

9.Satellite power requirement is provided through-

(a)Lead acid batteries

(b)Dry cell

(c) Solar cells  (Answer)

(d)Nicklel cadmium cells.

10.The energy is stored in a lead acid battery in the form of-

(a)Electromagnetic Energy

(b) Electronic Energy

(c)Charged ions

(d)Chemical Energy  (Answer)

11 A radio station brodcasts at 30m wave length.The frequency of  broadcast will be-



(c)10MHz  (Answer)


12.A short circuit test on transformer oil is-

(a)Copper loss at full load  (Answer)

(b) Copper loss at half load

(c)Iron loss at any load.

(d)Sun of iron losses and copper losses.

13.The type of oil which is suitable as transformer is-

(a)To provide protection against lighting.

(b)To provide Insulation and cooling.

(c) To protection against short-circuiting.

(d)All of the above  (Answer)

14.Which distribution system is more reliable?

(a)Ring main system  (Answer)

(b)Tree system

(c) Radial system

(d)All are equally reliable.

15.Common declared distribution voltage in bangladesh for low voltage circuit is-

(a)230 V (Answer)



(d) 380V

16.The phenomena of creeping occurs in-



(c) Watt-meter

(d)Watt-hour meters  (Answer)

17.The unit of resistivity is-


(b)Ohm-m  (Answer)

(c) Ohm/sqm

(d) None

18.There equal resistors of 100q is connected in series across a source of E.m.f 30V.What would be the power consumed by each resistor?

(a)10W   (Answer)


(c) 90w

(d) 60w

18.What is the condition for maximum efficiency of a transformer-

(a) When X-former loss=eddy current loss.

(b) When copper  loss=eddy current loss

(c) When copper  loss=hysterisis loss

(d) When copper  loss=Iron loss    (Answer)

19.The copper loss of a transformer at full load is 40W.What Would be at half load-

(a)10W     (Answer)


(c) 90w

(d) 60w

20.What would be change of a uF when connected with 20V supply?


(b)200uC   (Answer)

(c) 200uC

(d) 100uC.

21.One cubic water is equal to-


(b)628 Pound water

(c) 28.375 Line

(d)28.3 Cubic meter (Answer)

22.In a resonance condition-

(a)XL=Xc  (Answer)


(c) Z=Xc

(d) Z=R2

23.When a 400 Hz transformer is operated at 50Hz its KVA ratingis-

(a)Reduced to one length

(b) Increased by 8 times

(b)Unaffected           (Answer)

(c) Increased by 6 times.

24.Which resistor will be physically larger in size-

(a)10Qw   (Answer)

(b) 40Qw

(c) 1KQW

(d) 2MQW

25.The primary parts of 3-% introduction motor are-

(a)Rotor and stator   (Answer)

(b) Stator and field

(c) Slip Ring and brushes

(d) Rotor and Armature.

26.The frequency of voltage generated by ab Alternator having 4- pole and rotating at 1800 Rpm is-

(a)60 Hz     (Answer)

(b)7200 Hz



27.The starting winding of 1-$ motor is placed in the-



(c)Armature  (Answer)


28.One watt-hour is equal to-

(a)360 joule

(b) 3000 joule

(c) 300 joule

(d) 3600 joule  (Answer)

29.A transformer has negative voltage regulation when its load power factor is-



(c)Leading     (Answer)


30.Unit of magnetic flux is-


(b)Weber (Answer)



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