Electrical Engineering Objective(MCQ) Question with Answer(PDF)

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Electrical Engineering Objective(MCQ) Question with Answer for Assistant Engineers



1. Three 3 Ohm resistors are connected to form a triangle. The resistance between any two corners is–

2. The property of a conductor due to which it passes current is called
3. Relative permeabilty of vaccum is–
4. The power factor of ordinary electric bulb is–
5. Which of the following connections is best suited for 3-phase, 4-wire system?
6. Choke (Ballast) is used in a tube light beacause–
7. The Nodal analysis is primarily based on the application of—
8. The unique characteristics of LASER light that is–
9. A Solar cell operates on the principle of—
10. Unit of magnetic flux is–
11. The r.m.s value of sinusoidal ac voltage is equal to its value at an angle of —- degree.
12. In a Microwave oven, food are heated by—
13. 3-phase real power of an ac load given by–
14. For delta connection condition the line to line voltage (VL) is-
15. The d.c series motor should never be switched on at no load, because-
16. Load factor of a power plant is defined as-
17. The flux involved in the emf equation of a transformer has
18. For satisfactory parallel operation of two transformers which of the following conditions is most essential?
19. Practically in open circuit test of a transformer the wattmeter measure-
20. In short circuit test of transformer in which side supply voltage is applied?
21. In a d.c machine, the number of commutator segment is equal to-
22. The value of back emf (Eb) in a d.c motor is maximum at-
23. A Buchholz relay is–
24. A d.c compound generator having full-load terminal voltage equal to no-load voltage is called —- generator.
25. Distance protection scheme is used for the protection of —
26. Under normal operating conditions, the contacts of the circuit breaker remain —
27. A line which connects a consumer to the distribution is called —
28. A synchronous motor is a — motor.
29. What is the mechanical power developed by a DC series motor is maximum?
30. Which of the following motors is/are not suitable for belt drives?
31. A silicon diode’s barrier voltage equals
32. When used as a regulator, the Zener diode is —- baised.
33. A JFET can be cut-of with the help of–
  • 34. Which semiconductor device acts like a diode and two transistor?
35. An SCR has
36. ৩ হতে ৩০ পর্যন্ত কয়টি মৌলিক সংখ্যা?
37. ১০% হারে মাসিক যৌগিক মুনাফায় ১০০০ টাকা বিনিয়োগ করে ১০ বছর শেষে সুদ আসলে কত টাকা হবে?
38. logx324 =4 হলে x-এর মান কত হবে?
39. ‘জল’ শব্দের সমার্থক শব্দ কোনটি?
40. ‘বেলা অবেলা কালবেলা’ কার লেখা?
41. ‘প্রাগৈতিহাসিক’ কার লেখা?
42. ‘অহরহ’ এর সন্ধি কোনটি?
43. ‘INTERPOL’ এর সদর দপ্তর কোথায়?
44. বাংলাদেশ কমনওয়েলথ এর সদস্যপদ লাভ করে?
45. বাংলাদেশের সংবিধান সর্বপ্রথম কোন তারিখে গনপরিষদে উত্থাপিত হয়?
46. ঢাকা প্রাচীনকালে কোন জনপদের অন্তর্ভুক্ত ছিল?
47. ‘Scuttle’ means –
48. ‘Hold water’ means —
49. He is — head and ears in debt.
50. The synonym of ‘Franchise’

Answer : |1. A | 2. B | 3. A|4. B |5. D |6. B |7. A |8. C |9. B |10. B |
|11. A |12. C |13. D |14. A |15. A |16. C |17. B |18. C |19. A |20. A |
|21. B |22. A |23. D |24. A |25. B | 26. A |27. C |28. B |29. B |30. A |
|31. B |32. B |33. B |34. B |35. B |36. A |37. A |38. B |39. C |40. D |
|41. A |42. C |43. B |44. A |45. A |46. A |47. C |48. A |49. B |50. B |

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