DU Previous Year Question Papers on MSC Electrical and Electronics

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DU Previous Year Question Papers on MSC Electrical and Electronics Engineers



1. India & WHO standard value of PH, Turbidity, Salinity, As, Fl, Mg.
2. Florid impurities of salinity.
3. What is BOD & COD? Which one is greater and why?
4. Flow diagram of water supply system.
Water Resource

1. Short Note: Hunter curve; Contraction curve.
2. Define Unit hydrograph. Why it is necessary?
3. Define Hydraulic jump. Describe the types of hydraulic jump.
4. In a downstream of a river how the characteristics are changes?
i. Mean flow rate
ii. Width
iii. Depth


1. Define- Free flow
2. Short Note- Marshall Mix Design
3. Draw- i) Traffic-speed curve ii) Transportation & Land use flow.
4. AC (Asphalt content) curve for flow, air void & VMA.
5. Draw % of AC vs air void, efficiency, workability graph.
6. Write Course & coats used in different layers of Flexible pavement.
7. What are the layers of pavement? Write the methods used for designing Flexible & Rigid pavement.
1. Define- Total stress, Pore water stress, Effective stress.
2. Write the names of soil strength test. What tests are used for cohesive soil?
3. What do you know by normally loaded and preloaded clay? Draw e-log P curve for both condition.
4. What is earth pressure intensity?
5. What is Triaxial shear test? Effective stress and deviatory stress at failure …
6. Find the cohesion value for Ǿ=30 for retaining wall.
7. What is bearing capacity for allowable settlement 25mm – 40mm.
8. Standard penetration test for each 150mm = needs 4,6,8 blow. Calculate N value.

1. Define CPM
2. Define Bench Mark, Contour diagram of pond and hill. What is the basic difference between this counters.

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