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DPDC,NWPGCL,WZPDCL Electrical Assistant Engineer Job Question Papers


  1. English:                                                       10/15

  • Translations
  • Correction of Sentences
  • Phrase Idioms
  • Small Paragraph etc.

2. General Knowledge:                                              10/15

Current Affairs (Games, Awarded, Ministry, Electricity, Novel Prize etc)

  1. Math (Like EMBA of DU):                                     10/15
  2. Department:                                                                       50/60
  • Very Short Quest./MCQ:       10/15
  • Medium Quest.Mathematical:   35/40

Circuit (1 x 4)

Dc circuit solution (Thevn. Maxm. Power. Super position, Nodel Analysis, Complex circuit etc.)


AC circuit: (1x 4)

AC fundamentals, V=vSinwt, Polar-rect related prob.

Resonance circuit


Electronics: (4×4=16)

  • Clippers, Clampers Circuit (Draw i/p, o/p curve) (1×4)
  • Characteristics curves (all configurations)
  • DC biasing (Fixed-bias, Emitter-stabilized bias, oltage-divider bias,DC bias with voltage feedback circuit,try to solve critical configuration and with PNP)
  • Read summary from end of the chapter 2,3,4,5
  • Op-amp (Inverting, Non-inverting and Summing  amplifier)
  • Integrator,Differntiator circuit (draw o/p curves with i/p sine,square waves)
  • Active Filteer (draw circuit diagram,input,output curves (Rectifier,Inverter)

Digital Electronics:

(Less Impt.for BUET Exam)

  • Show that a positive-logic NOR gate is the same

Physical gate as a negative-logic NAND and vice versa

  • Basic gate implement with NOR and NAND gate

Machine:                                                                           ( 2 x 4=8)

  • Problem on Transformer test,loss and efficiency calculation,
  • Condition for Parallel operation of single-phase&three-phase Transformer
  • Clear concept on V_V connection and Vector Group
  • Instrument transformer
  • Difference between generation and motor
  • Significance of the Back EMF
  • Torque and power relation
  • Why Starter use?
  • Equivalent circuit of an Induction motor
  • Slip and related problem
  • Full-load torque,Maximum torque and  starting torque related problem
  • Power stages in an Induction motor and related problem
  • Why is synchronizing?
  • Condition for synchronizing of a single and three-phasw Alternator
  • V-curve
  • Comparison between synchronous Motor & Induction Motor
  • Modulation &Demodulation (definition,input/output wavefrom,modulation index,equation ,and problem)
  • Digital Modulation (input/output wavefrom, equation)
  • Nyquist Sampling Theorem
  • Bit Error Rate (BER) related problem
  • Define Erlang,One Erlang and related problem
  • OSI reference model and functions
  • Serial & Parallel data transmission
  • General,Power & Communication related abbreviations

         Power System:                                                                                (2 x 4= 8)

  • Load curves,Load duration curve/Chronological load curve
  • Definition and concept on connected load,Maximum demand, Demand factor, Average load,Load factor,Diversity factor, Plant capacity factor and Plant use factor also related problem
  • What do you mean by power system?Draw a typical power system one-line diagram
  • Power factor and related problem
  • Why high voltage transmits?
  • Ferranti Effect
  • Skin Effect
  • Corona Effect
  • Relay circuit and its operation
  • Difference between Switch & CB
  • What are the Faults in a power system?
  • Various types of sub-stations,Transmission line rating and generating Voltage in Bangladesh
  • Concept on SCADA and draw it’s Diagram
  • Concept on Renewable energy
  • The one-line diagram,Reactance diagram and Impedance Diagram
  • Importance of Load flow study,related problem
  • What information obtained frpm Load-flow study?
  • What are Sequence Impedance and Sequence Network?
  • Draw Reactance and Zero-sequence diagram from one-line diagram

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