BCS English Preparation fill in the Appropriate Preposition(PDF)

BCS,Bank,Engineering Job Exam English Preparation fill in the Appropriate Preposition(PDF)


A Preposition List With Answer :

 1.He is absorbed —- studies.

2. He is addicted —- wine.

3.His school is adjacent —-his house.

4.I am accustomed —–such a life.

5. I am anxious —–your health.

6. Keep yourself aloof —–from bad company.

7. I am not afraid —-ghosts.

8. He was admitted —– the room.

9.The school is very close —–our house.

10.Find out the clue—-the mystery.

11.Take care—-your health.

12. He has a capacity—–hard work.

13.He died—cholera.()

14. He died—over-eating.

15.He died—his country.

16. He died—poison.

17. Let me die —-peace.

18.He deals —-rice.

19.He deals well—-the customers.

20.He is deaf —one ear.

21.He is deaf —-my request.

21.His advice counts —nothing.(no effect)

22.I count —your help for this work.

23.This class consists—fifty boys.

24.Your action is not consistent —the rules.

25.I shall comply —your request.

1.In 2.to 3.to 4.to 5.of 6.from 7.of 8.into 9.to 10.to 11.of 12.for 13.of 14.from 15.for

16.by 17.in 18.in 19.with 20.of 21.to 22.for 23.of 24.with 25.with


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