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Bank IT Officer/Executive Exam Sample Question Paper with Answer.Also computer operator interview questions


1.In MS Word, which one of the following options is used to create different formatting for Different sections?

Answer: Section break.

2.Which of the following is a series of recorded commands automate a task?

Answer : Macro

3.Which of the following features allow you to combine a form letter with the contents of a database (usually a name and address file),creating a separate copy of the letter for each entry in the database?

Answer :Mail Merge

4.Which of the following short cut keys do you use to find a specific word in a document?

Answer: Ctrl+F

5. In MS Excel,which of the following can be used to copy only the value of a cell to another where the value of the source cell was derived through a formula?

Answer: Copy, Paste Special, Value

6. In MS PowerPoint, which one of the following function keys is used to start a slide show?

Answer: F5

7. In Windows operating system, what is the shortcut key for printing a word document?

Answer: Alt+P

8. Which one of the following is true about firewalls?

Answer: It filters network traffic

9. In a computer,after the booting process which file executes automatically?

Answer:  config.sys

10. Which one of the following commands can be used to recreate a storage disk’s tracks and sectore?

Answer: FORMAT

11. Which one of the following enables the mobile devices to access Internet resources?

Answer: WAP

12. In MS Excel, which one of the following options will you use to show the results of the top 10 students in class where the class size is 100?

Answer: All of these

13. Which one of the following Operating Systems is not a multitasking operating system?

Answer: DOS

14. An authority, appointed by an Islamic financial institution, which supervises and ensures both the Shari’ ah compliance of new product development and the operations is called-

Answer: Shari’ ah Regulatory Agency

15. Which of the following model of Islamic financing can be used for large fixed assets financing such as houses, transport, machinery etc?

Answer: Diminishing Musharakah

16. Which of the following is the first private commercial hank in Bangladesh?

Answer: AB Bank Ltd.

17. Devaluation of money results in an increase in which of the following?

Answer: Money Supply

18. Which of the following is a specialized bank?

Answer: Bangladesh Krishi Bank

19. Treasury Bills are sold which of the following organization?

Answer: Bangladesh Bank

20. Where is the Headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA) Located?

Answer: Vienna

21. How many Districts in Bangladesh Have Borders with India?

Answer: 30 Borders.

22. In MS Word, Which of the following function key activates the Spell Checking?

Answer: F7

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