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Assistant IT Executive Engineer or Sonali  Bank Officer  Job Question with Answer For Any Job Question

Only Departmental Question Given here with the Appropriate Answers for IT Executive Engineers 


1.Which OSI layer’s is concerned with the transmission of unstructured bit stream over physical link?

Answer: Physical

2.What is the default subnet mask for a class C address?


3.How can you see the files and directory in Linux?

Answer: 1st

4.How many devices, a 16 Bit SCSI-2 can support?

Answer: Fast SCSI-2 Supports 8 devices and Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Supports 16 devices.

5.How many Pins DIN-5 connector will have?

Answer: 5 Pin, it is used to connect keyboard & mice in old style.

6.What is the maximum color depth of a SVGA monitor?

Answer: 800*600

7.Which built-in tool can you use to find out what type of NIC is installed on a windows 95/98 system?

Answer: Device Manager

8.Which I/O address is used by COM 1 port?

Answer: 3FT -3FF

9.Which IRQ is assigned for floppy drives?

Answer: IRQ 6

10.Which processor has first combined the L2 cache inside the processor CPU package?

Answer: Pentium Processor.

11.What is the data transfer rate of a single – speed CD-ROM drive?

Answer: 150KB/S

12.By Default, Which networking Technology configurations does windows support?

Answer: TCP/IP

13.Which protocol is used by Internet?

Answer: TCP/IP

14.Which Modem commands would be used to disconnect (hang up)?

Answer: ATH

15.A typical 80min CD-ROM can hold approximately how much data?

Answer: 700MB

16.Which topology requires termination at each end point ?

Answer: Bus Topology

17.What is the command syntax for assigning “Hidden” attribute to file c:\myfile?

Answer: [attribe+h]

18.What is VIRUS and how can protect PC against virus?

19.What is the difference between CD-R & CD-RW?

20.Draw a rough sketch how the device are connected :

(1)Bus Topology (2) Star Topology

21.What is the difference between “Hub” & “Switch”?

22.Write down the full abbreviation :
a)NTFS : New Technology file System
b)NIC : Network Interface Card
c)WWW : World Wide Web
d)VSAT : Very Small Aperture Terminal
e)PPP: Point-to-Point Protocol
f)VLAN : Virtual Local Area Network

23.Write down the name of the OSI Layers…..

a)Application layer
b)Presentation Layer
c)Session Layer,
d)Transport Layers,
e)Network Layer,
f)Data Link Layer,
g)Physical Layer.

24.How many columns and rows can be displayed in a normal text mode monitor?

Answer: Column: 80, Row: 24

25.What types of connectors does a parallel cable have?

Answer: DB 25

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