GATE ECE 2017 Multiple Choice Questions with Answer-Practice(PDF)

GATE ECE MCQ-Multiple Choice Questions with Answer-Practice(PDF)    1.The correct statements are (a) 1.2,3 (b) 1,3,4 (b) 1.2.4 (c) 3.4 Ans: D 2.Which of the following does not characterize a ferromagnetic material ? (a) Permittivity […]

Manufacturing Processes Objective Questions and Answers(PDF)

Manufacturing Processes MCQ Objective Questions and Answers for Production and Industrial Engineer (Mechanical and Power Engineer)     1.In oxy-acetylene welding the flame temperature is a. 1600-1700°C b. 2000-2100°C c. 2500-2600°C d. 3200-3300°C (Ans:d) 2.In […]