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BPDB Recruitment Job Question for EEE

BPDB Recruitment Exam Question with Answer-EEE (PDF)

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) Recruitment Job Old Question  Paper’s with Answer for Electrical and Electronics Engineer’s. Important Short Question for PDB Exam.   ১.ট্রায়াক কি? উওর: TRIAC হল তিন প্রান্ত… Read more »

Electrical Engineering Job Preparation MCQ

Electrical Engineering MCQ Question with Answer for Diploma

Electrical Engineering Job Preparation Short Question For Assistant and Sub Assistant Engineer   ১।অধিকাংশ অলটারনেটরে কোন ধরনের ফিল্ড টাইপ ব্যবহার হয়? উত্তরঃ ঘুরন্ত  ফিল্ড টাইপ। ২। অলটারনেটরের ফ্রিকয়েন্সি কিসের উপর… Read more »

PGCB,PDB MCQ Question with Answer Electrical and Electronics Engineer

PGCB,PDB Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) with Answer for Assistant Electrical and Electronics Engineer   1. Which is the lightest particle of an atom? (a) Neutron (b) Electron (c) Proton (d)… Read more »