Manufacturing Process Objective Type Questions with Answers(PDF)

Manufacturing Process Objective Type Questions with Answers(PDF) for Mechanical and Power Engineer     1. The teeth of hacksaw blade are bent (A) Towards right (B) Towards left (C) Alternately towards right and left and […]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answer on Arc Welding(PDF)

 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Arc Welding Question with Answer for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers   1) For a good weld, a. Cross – section of the added metal should be small and oxidation should […]

Manufacturing Processes Objective Questions and Answers(PDF)

Manufacturing Processes MCQ Objective Questions and Answers for Production and Industrial Engineer (Mechanical and Power Engineer)     1.In oxy-acetylene welding the flame temperature is a. 1600-1700°C b. 2000-2100°C c. 2500-2600°C d. 3200-3300°C (Ans:d) 2.In […]

Manufacturing Processes Mechanical Engineering(MCQ)Question & Answer

Manufacturing Processes MCQ(Multiple Choice Question) With Answer for Mechanical Engineering and Welding with PDF     1.The following welding process is used to weld fastener to plates without drilling or punching holes? a. Electroslag welding […]